Monday, February 25, 2008


My westcoast friend and fellow vinyl enthusiast Puppetbrain continues to gain streetcred as a top notch customizer with his latest triumph - 2nd runner up in the Balzac Skullman custom contest.

For those not in the know (and that would have included me until I did some research), Balzac is a popular Japanese horropunk band, similar to the American band The Misfits. Over the years, the band has developed a selection of band-themed toys and figures, one of which is the Skullman figure. Prototype figures were sent to participants in December '07, and the winning entries were annouced on February 14. Here's a shot of the prototype figure as well as Puppet's finished entry:

You can go here to see pictures of all of the entries, as well as read the awesome comments on Puppet's piece by the judges. As a customizer, you've got to love having the word "masterpiece" used in connection with your work.

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