Monday, September 24, 2007

Custom Munny Project: Linez

Here's my latest custom, an 8" Munny I've named Linez.

I started out by painting the figure gold, after which I laid down some pinstriping tape to get the line design. Once the tape was down, I painted the whole piece again, this time black. Once that coat was dry, I carefully removed the tape and voila! Linez. I finished the piece with some iridescent clear coat, which really gives it a cool shine in the light. I wasn't entirely thrilled with the way the lines turned out in some spots, but it was still a worthy attempt at a new technique.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Custom Munny "Wave"

Here's my latest custom project, a little something I call "Wave".

To start, I painted the figure black, and then used tape to create the wave designs on the bottom and face. After painting the waves and letting them dry, I used some more of my iridescent sealant to finish the piece.

This piece is a clear example of what I tend to end up with when I go into a project without a clear design in my head. This thing just pretty much came about on its own.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Some New Acquisitions

Dragon-Con has come and gone. This year's con was great as always; I spent a ton of money, stayed out late, and generally had a ball.

A day before the Con, we hit up The Toy Store, where I made a few purchases:

The 8" Mist figure

A couple of Joe Ledbetter's Finders Keepers figures

Ferine, from the Life inVentsville series